Always for Being Perfectly Alive

Creating a safe, supported space for YOU to pause, breathe, reflect and explore whatever is important to YOU.


I chose Sea-Change (meaning “radical change”) because it speaks to the transformation that happens when we journey to the innermost ground of our being and our way of seeing is transformed.

Sea-Change offers online individual breathing space sessions to women in their many roles, who

  • are on a journey of exploring their unfinished stories.
  • are dealing with difficult emotions like grief, anxiety, depression or overwhelm.
  • want to embark on a journey towards wholeness.
  • need a place to pause, breathe and re-fuel.

“Thank you for helping me find myself. Your kindness, empathy and great perspectives helped me move forward. My whole outlook on life is different.” Carla

About Sharon, the sea and life

I’ve only lived in Knysna since the end of 2019, but I’ve had a love affair with the sea for as long as I can remember.  I’m in love with the expansive blue of the sea.  I love the pure emotion of the colour blue: silent, still, calming, expansive- What a privilege to wake up to that every day.

The seaside landscape reminds me how life is ever changing, constant in its motion, constant in its movements of birth, death and rebirth…and the futility of me  trying to control events.

Constant fluid rhythms, back and forth, up and down – spiralling waves knowing and releasing, understanding and letting go. And in this space of in-between, the ocean invites me to rest, to linger…but this takes courage and I have to lean into my own vulnerability.

Each time I walk down to the ocean a new landscape emerges. If I walk with yesterday clenched tightly in my fists, I will not sense the wind today caressing the palms of my hands… (Adapted from M. Zuccaro)

These lessons from the ocean is at the heart of my sessions as we engage in conversations towards  enriching your  narrative.

Qualifications are not everything. However, if you find it assuring, here are mine:

  • BA (Ed), Further Diploma in Education, THED
  • Certificate in Brain-based Coaching
  • Accredited in Enneagram and StrengthsFinder
  • Certified Advanced Matrix -with- EFT Practitioner (Energy Psychology)
  • Certificate in Pastoral Narrative Counselling (UP)
  • Member of SIGNO
  • Currently busy with Supervision certification

I left with a healthy self -worth, balance and inner peace.” Sareta

Contact me

Reaching out can sometimes be the most difficult step.  Remember that support is here for you.  Most importantly, we all have the capacity to heal from our struggles and wounds.

Send an e-mail to:

Or whatsapp to:  083 283 2226

I will forward a ZOOM link once we’ve set a time for the session.

Session Fees: R350/hour session

“ I am less critical and gentler with myself. Looking at myself from the inside-out was tough, but Sharon’s intuitive feel and focused questioning helped me.” Debbie