What Are You Waiting For?

Sharon was stuck, and she had been for a while.

She enjoyed time with her friends, and her job was good enough, but something was missing. Her life was r2g-p9-horses-webcomfortable and pleasant, but it had lost its sparkly shine, and now felt dull and predictable.

She remembered the feeling of warmth and effervescence in her heart, but those days were gone. Now she felt somewhat numb, more like a quiet, black hole rather than a shining star…and she hated it.

One morning, Sharon woke up with the realisation that she’d never made it to Japan. As a child, she was fascinated by Japanese culture. In college, she considered a semester abroad, but let it go in order to finish school faster. Now she was almost 10 years into her “grown-up” life and she’d still never seen Japan.

That day, on her lunch break, she began her research. She found a program that would allow her to teach English in Kyoto for 6 months. She found temples to visit, cooking classes, and a local Japanese language tutor who could work with her on her conversational phrasing in the evenings.

Suddenly Sharon was bright and full of life again. She was the Sharon she remembered. She rekindled her dream and created a plan to fulfill it.  She was still single, and was not held down with responsibilities that kept her from going. “Why not?” she asked herself.  And so she did.

You are allotted a very limited time in this life. You can spend it seeking security, trying to get one more deposit in your savings account, or you can seek out the adventures that you crave.

Happiness is often found in the pursuit of meaningful goals. What makes a goal meaningful is your desire to achieve it. If there’s something you’ve always wanted, NOW is the time to go get it.

If you’ve been feeling duller than you’d like, and you’re thirsty for something more fulfilling in life, take on a project or goal that gives you something you really want. Whether it’s travel, charity, or the launch of a new business, the pursuit will bring you happiness.