The Key To Happiness and Success

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

I have been struggling for two days to put pen to paper about the Global Success Summit, which I attended over the past weekend. I toyed with titles such as “My Weekend With The Virgin King” (sex sellls and Richard Branson did make an appearance!). I wanted to share some of the inspirational learning, but the words just wouldn’t come in spite of the endless pages of notes that I took at the event. Then this C.S. Lewis quote popped up in one of my e-mails: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. It made me realise what my biggest reward was for spending quite a bit of money (even though I was sitting in the cheap seats) and two days of my time, mingling with the rich and successful: I had a new goal and dream that will definitely become a force in my life. This small change in my thinking filled me with me new purpose, new drive and new energy. I was happier. Money well spent, wouldn’t you say?

I was fortunate that over the past two years I have shed some of the shackles of fear. I said goodbye to a monthly paycheck when I quit a stiffling job, started my own coaching practice, went on a blue safari in Zanzibar, learned to make pasta in a small village in Tuscany, orchestrated the co-existence of cats and dogs (Jack Russels, nogal) celebrated a birthday in a taverna in Crete and married a wonderful man, who loves and supports  me. Make no mistake, he also frustrates and challenges me. I am financially independent and feel successful by my own definition.  When asked recently at a Toastmasters meeting what my dreams were, I could only answer, “I am living my dream.”


The quintessential taverna where I celebrated my birthday with dakos(Cretian specialtiy).

 I have arrived. BIG mistake. What would the rest of my life be about? Routine and waiting to die? That is what I vehemently advocate  against. My coaching bussiness and blogs advocate that we must live with passion and purpose, we must challenge ourselves, and break free from routine and limting beliefs and habits,  in order to feel perfectly alive. That disonance between what I was preaching and what I was living was already slowly creeping in. I wasn’t authentic anymore. Until the Success Summit. Although it wasn’t new learning as such, I first handedly experienced again how important it was to set goals, dream and commit to making those dreams reality. I am now committed to owning a house at the sea and being the most successful personal and professional coach in Tshwane. Watch this space for upcoming workshops!

James Allen said, “The key to happiness is having dreams; the key to success is making them come true.”

You might find these considerations helpful on your journey to happiness and success:

1. What is the dream you have given up on?

2. Once you know what you want, ask yourself why you want it?

3. What can you commit to doing in order to make that dream come true. If you don’t know the way forward, just think of three small steps you can take in the right direction. Commit and find a starting point.

4. Who do you trust to hold you accountable (friend or partner or coach)?


Dermy now shares her space with two Jack Russels.