Leadership and Staff Development

proMy objective is to co-operate with you in the growth and development of your managers and staff in areas identified by you, e.g. management, administration or a specific team. During this process, the team will create a clear purpose within the framework of the mandate, vision, mission and values of the organisation.

They will take collective ownership of the goal and work out how to go about delivering it within a given time frame. As their coach it will be my duty to create structures that will hold them accountable.

Herewith an overview of the proposed basic coaching structure. Once we have identified an area for intervention, a more specific structure to your organisation,will be presented.



In order for me to prepare for the coaching and to provide the best possible outcomes for your team’s effectiveness, I would need to spend some one-on-one time with yourself and your team beforehand. The purpose of these interactions would be to gain some background on various areas of your company/business, including your vision and information specific to your team in terms of their roles, interactions, challenges and expectations. This is done once I have been contracted, but is not part of the billing hours.

Following the briefing, I will propose a more specific structure to you, based on your specific needs.



  1. During the sessions it is preferable to work with a team representative of all levels within the organisation and with certain individuals on a one-on-0ne basis.
  2. The first team session is a half-day session (4-5hrs) in order to provide some momentum for the process. During this session, we would spend time defining the team’s common purpose and goals. We would work towards establishing a strong connection to these goals before we tackle the nuts and bolts of how they are going to be achieved. I would envisage the team leaving this first session with (a clear understanding of and commitment to where they are heading
    a broad framework of how that is going to be achieved and some immediate action tasks that will get them on their way.)
  3. The initial sessions will be followed by approx 90 minutes team sessions once a month for approximately 9 -12 months. This will vary depending on the needs of the organisation and the intervention. Once we have completed the briefing process, I will be able to propose the exact number and frequency of these sessions.
  4. For the effectiveness of the team to be sustained, team dynamics should be addressed. I use the Integrative Enneagram( a personality profiling tool) as developmental tool. This tool feeds beautifully into the team coaching process and facilitates personal and interpersonal growth of team members.  Should personal and interpersonal growth be your only objective these tools can be used as stand-alone interventions.
  5. I will report on progress regularly during a scheduled meeting with you. What happens during the coaching sessions will be confidential, but individual coaching may be suggested for key people.



Specific outcomes would be determined by the expectations that I elicit from yourself and the team during the briefing process, but these would ultimately translate into the development of a high performing team able to deliver on its purpose for your organisation. Some of the advantages that may be the outcome of team and individual coaching include:

  • Increased focus on the organisation’s vision and keeping it alive
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved effectiveness (team and individual)
  • Leadership development
  • Innovative thinking
  • Growth in team and individual communication skills
  • Developing mutual support structures
  • Gaining clarity of purpose
  • Sharing responsibility
  • Goal achievement
  • Ensuring everyone is heard



This will vary depending on the number of members in the team and the number of sessions required. Cost specifications will be given on request.