Personal Coaching Structure


(Sessions once a week or twice a month)

Take personal control of your life when you invest in yourself by taking this 12 week programme with the option of  meeting weekly or bi-weekly. Coaching is about taking you from where you are in your life, to where you want to be. We set 3 inspiring goals, develop strategies to achieve them and  I support you in achieving those goals. This is an amazing journey of self discovery, change, growth, purpose and success. 


Ideal if you are :

    1. a  small business entrepreneur who wants to grow his/her business, overcome challenges in your business or improve work/life balance.
    2. experiencing challenges in your personal or professional  life and want focus,  intentionality, direction or change.
    3. someone who wants to take his/her life and career to the next level
    4. an employer who wants to improve the work performance of his/her employees.


Where and how much?

Venue:City Lodge at Lynnwood Bridge, Pretoria
R680 per session, payable in 3 x R 2 720 instalments, monthly  in advance.

Telephone coaching(Coachee to phone coach on landline or Skype) by arranagement


BONUS SESSION: What do you want? (1 – 1 ½ hrs)

This session focuses on a goal setting process in which three inspiring and challenging, but achievable goals are set for the duration of the course.

We discuss your coaching needs and decide the way forward.


Developing a roadmap (1hr- 1 ½ hrs )

Together we develop an inspiring roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be. We will also have actions to get you started.


Session 2: Flush out limiting beliefs (1hr)

We take a look at thinking that may keep you from making progress ineach of the three goals and replace them with positive, self-empowering beliefs. Together with the actions you set to move towards your goals, you will receive change work of 30min/day (visualisations, journaling, affirmations).


Session 3: Strengths Awareness or Enneagram Debriefing (1hr)

This session will ensure that you understand your talents or enneagram personality type (strengths, challenges and blindspots) and that you become aware of how insights impact on your coaching goals.


Cost of Assessments

      • StrengthsFinder – R120
      • Enneagram Individual – R370
      • Enneagram Professional – R650


Sessions 4-11 (1 hr)

Working on the strategies to get you to your goals, focusing on identified strengths to overcome challenges or integration through the enneagram, where applicable. My approach is solution- focused and goal orientated. I use a powerful tapping technique to help you overcome blockages created by negative emotions, e.g. stress, anxiety and frustration.

You will set the context for each of these sessions. A weekly preparation sheet will ensure you get the most from each session.


Session 12 (1hr)

Completion and feedback. Deciding on the way forward i.e. Do you want to continue working with me to create your best life?

Benefits could include:

      • A happier, more successful you.
      • Greater success
      • Improved relationships
      • Focus and intentionality
      • New habits for  sustainability
      • Greater self awareness
      • Personal growth
      • An ability to overcome challenges
      • A quality life
      • Living with purpose
      • Increased energy