How To Turn Your Longing Into Reality – 6 Success Habits

 My mission is to shape the way we see the world and our place in it. My vision is to empower women to confidently step into their power and to live their best lives. Sometimes I question the sanity of this, because I experience so much superficiality in life today– Who has the right clothes? Am I prettier/slimmer than her/him? What did Brad say to Angelina? I found that we long for success, but few are willing to take a deep, hard look at their inner world, change their  beliefs and install the habits. 

My previous blog encouraged you to start creating a vision for your life  and not to allow longing and discontent to follow you from one year to the next.  If you have done that, you are setting the stage for a brilliant new you!  Now that you have ignited the fire, I want to share six routines or habits that you can install, to ensure that you keep up the momentum.

    1. Make a dream collage – When it comes achieving our goals, many of us lose the motivation we had when we first started. Our best intentions are put aside as life takes over, and we struggle to stay motivated. In neuroscience goal representation is an essential part of goal pursuit. We create a clear How to turn your dream into reality- 6 Success habits (1)picture of the future in our memory. Creating and using a dream collage is an inspiring way to stay focused on your goals. The purpose is to turn something abstract into something conceivable and it’s a chance to unleash your creative side. Cut and paste and have some fun!
    2. Focus on your wins – Our brains are wired to focus on what we haven’t achieved and that often demotivates us. If you retrain your brain to focus on what you have achieved, dopamine (the feel- good hormone) is released and it is easier to stay motivated.
    3. Love yourself more – It is easy to be critical and hard on yourself. Learn to love yourself more and start focusing on what you do right and what you like about yourself. Focus on the gifts YOU bring to the world.
    4. Start the day with gratitudeHedonic adaptation is the term that positive psychologists use to describe the brain’s tendency  to start taking things for granted, making us less happy.    There is so much beauty in the world and you have so much good in your life.  Don’t take anything for granted. Start noticing,  retrain your brain and give thanks– it is not JUST another day. 
    5. Set an intention for the day and declare it at the beginning of the day. This simple, but powerful habit helps the brain to focus and tune-in from all the chaos, the demands and the distractions.
    6. Be seven again – Let go of the worry and the strive even for just a short while and do something that is fun and enjoyable. What you may ask? Learn to listen to the still inner voice, she/he knows the answer.

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Sounds like too much work?  I have created an online journal template that will allow you to retrain your brain in just 10 minutes a day.

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