To help you determine whether working with me is the right investment for you, I’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below.

questionWhat is life coaching?
If you are new to Life Coaching, these two articles should clear any misconceptions about the process.

questionWhat is Matrix Reimprinting and how does it work as a coaching tool?  
Matrix Reimprinting developed from Emotional Freedom Technique and replaces limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and repeating patterns  that prevent us from living our best lives. You can read more by clicking here

questionWho benefits from your 5 Stepping Stones to a Joyful Life Coaching Program?
The women who benefit most from my program are strong, independent women who are experiencing change or want to bring about change in their lives, whether it is related to relationships, career, or just for their own personal development. They want their level of confidence, fulfillment and happiness to increase. They want to feel in control of their lives. It can be for someone who is already very successful (wanting to get to the next level) or the person just starting out on their journey of growth.

questionHow do I know if this is right for me?
You will know if it is time for something to change – you know you are stuck, you feel lost or confused, you don’t have the confidence you desire to get that business of the ground, change career, you lack self-confidence in social situations  and deep in your heart you just know that you want more from life. Or you know that you want greater success and happiness than you are already experiencing. Somehow you are not living the life of your dreams.

questionFor whom is this program not going to work?
This program isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for people who do not take full responsibility for their lives, or negative people who make excuses and blame others. You know what…? I really only enjoy working with fun, caring, open, spiritually-oriented people, who are ready to make changes in their lives.

I want you to enjoy this journey – it is a lot of fun, but coaching is also demanding and this program is only for people who are serious about making changes and creating a better tomorrow where they are confident, in control and happy. It is not for people who make excuses and resist change, because “this is how I am and this is what I’m comfortable doing.” If you are one of those, I can then promise you that this coaching program will be a waste of time for you. There will be a no-excuses approach to getting you from where you are to where you want to be in your life.

questionWhat is your 5 Stepping Stones to a Joyful Life Program and what does it include?
It is a life coaching program, with  weekly coaching sessions, online assessments, coaching tools and resources. 
Here’s what the program includes:

  • A simple, effortless process that will help you create focus in your life
  • Support and guidance to help you stay focused and on track
  • Coaching conversations to support you  with challenges on a day-to-day basis
  • Strategies that will allow you to eliminate all the self-sabotage that you are currently encountering in your life, that keeps you from living your desired life.
  • Transformation Tips that you can start implementing immediately to quickly  bring about change in your life
  • Strategies on how to handle stress, anxiety and how to release the energy around negative emotions and painful memories
  • An online assessment that will reveal to you exactly what your strengths and challenges are – even if you think you know, it’s good to have them confirmed and who knows? You may be in for some very pleasant surprises.
  • Personal development stretches (based on the assessment) that will allow you to become unstuck and result in a happier you.
  • Support with actions to move you towards your own personal mountaintop.
  • The simple strategies I’m using consistently in my life to live my best life (it’s about time you started, don’t you think?).

questionHow does the process work?
We start with a 30 minute FREE Getting Acquainted Session on Skype or by phone. (Face to Face on request for this session.) Once we have scheduled the session, I will send you some reading material and questions.

During the session I will also explain the different options available. You will be able to choose the number of sessions, the duration of sessions and the venue.

Once you’ve committed to the program, we will agree on a time for our first session and you will receive a welcome pack including an agreement (all the things we agreed on during our 30min session) and your action items for the first session.

questionWhat if I don’t live in your area?
I coach nationally and internationally on Skype. We do not have to meet face to face for the coaching journey to be successful.

questionIm seeing a coach/therapist/psychologist/mentor right now.
Should I wait until Im done before investing in your coaching program?

If you are currently working with a coach, mentor or you belong to a mastermind group, congratulations! I work with different mentors/coaches  with different skill sets in different areas of  growth, spiritual principles and mindset, etc. As as a result, I have infinitely more accountability and access to resources than I would have otherwise. I take SO much more action than if I were only doing one program.

Coaching is also a very powerful support if you are already working with a therapist or psychologist. My question to you would be… why would you unnecessarily delay the results you could be experiencing?

questionDoes it work?
I will quote my mentor, Robin Sharma on this: “Everything works if you do the work!” Does it work if you do the work? YES!