What is Coaching?

The word “coach” comes from “Kocs”, a village in Hungary, where high quality carriages were made. In the 19th Century, English university students began to use this word as slang for tutors, who took such a personal interest in their students, that the students felt as if they were carried through their academic career in a carriage driven by their tutor. This metaphor is still relevant to coaching as a structured process which carries people to reach their dreams and goals.

Coaching differs vastly from training (teaching and instructing)  and consulting (giving advice). Coaching comes from a philosophy which knows that within each person lies the most  incredible potential and the answers on how to realise that potential. In Michael Jordan’s words, “ A coach is someone who makes you do what you don’t want to do, in order to be what you want to be.”

Coaching is not another “how to” course. It is a powerful alliance between two people that produces exceptional results. A coach will work with a client to set and achieve challenging, inspiring goals over an extended period of time. The goal setting process is a success practice that adds focus, growth, intentionality, alignment with actions and inspiration to the coachee’s life. I love Robin Sharma’s words ,”Setting goals is a bold play for your best life. Setting goals is an act of heroism, because you are reaching for the potential that has been invested in you.” (The Greatness Guide)

The whole coaching  process is targeted at and focused on the client’s needs and the coach is able to ensure that the client really develops new skills and habits to ensure greater success in the future.